Elastic Adhesive Bandage

Adhesive Bandage

Backed ourselves with talented workforce, we have come out as the leading firms of superior quality Elastic Adhesive Bandage B.P. "Skino-Eab". This bandage is offered with porous adhesive which is used as a post operative dressing. Premium quality yarn is used in weaving this bandage as per defined industry standards. Besides, our offered bandage is broadly used by our clients due to the effective curing properties.


  • Ensure Easy Release

  • Least Skin Irritation

  • Good Stretch & regain Properties

Other Details:

  • Ensure Easy Release

  • Minimal Skin Irritation

  • Good Stretch & regain Properties (Woven from Excellent quality yarn)

  • Porous adhesive layer allows better permeability

  • No rucking of the bandage as adhesive is not spread to the edges


  • No. of Rolls
    per inner box
    8cm X 1m                                         Shipper size(mm)
    Stretched Lenght

    10cm X 1m
    Stretched Lenght                                505x310x470

    6cm X 4/6m
    Stretched Lenght                                496x410x255

    8cm X 4/6m
    Stretched Lenght                                440x330x214

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