Dialyzer Reprocessing machine

Reprocessing machine

 Reduces Heparin consumption up to 45%.
•  Very effective in heparin free dialysis since it is a known anti-coagulant.
•  Dialyzer reuse increases up to 30%.
•  Increases dialysis dose Kt/V and URR.
•  Reduces heparin cost.
• Reduces heparin related complications viz Osteoporosis, Pruritis, disturbed Lipid Metabolism etc.
•  Elimination of Acetate related complications.
•  Reduced inflammation.
•  Can be used with patients suffering from liver failure
•  Reducing metabolic acidosis


  • Technical Specifications

    Dimension  17"X20"X 14"
    Weight  38 KGS
    Voltage  220V/110VAC,50-60Hz,2A
    Power   140W
    Leakage Current  <0.1mA,220V
    Ambient Temperature  5-400C
    Relative Humidity  10 -80%

    DISPLAY   5.7" color LCD with Touch Screen. Complete function on LCD.
    PRINTERBuilt   in Dot Matrix Printer.

    Purity       R.O. Water in accordance with latest AAMI/ ANSI Standard for haemodialysis
    Inlet Pressure   20 psi - 55 psi
    Inlet Temperature  10 - 40°C
    InletFlow  3Ltr/min
    WaterConsumption  7 Ltr 1cycle
    Drainage   Below Base of Machine, unobstructed, open to atmosphere

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