Dialysis Solution


Dialysis fluid consists of purified water, glucose and electrolytes. The concentration of electrolytes (besides potassium and the buffer substance) closely resembles that which occurs naturally in the blood.Dialysis fluid is prepared according to the individual patient’s needs to help regulate their electrolyte and acid–base balance and remove metabolic waste Varni corporation provides a range of concentrates and solutions including:

  • Acid concentrates

  • Bicarbonate concentrates

  • Modifiers for haemodialysis concentrates


    • For use in Haemodialysis Machine with proportional mixing system effective at above 60°C.

    • Effectively cleaning bio-film, calcium, magnesium deposits to reduce Haemodialysis Machine breakdown.

    • Citric Acid 50% Anhydrate, Inert Material QS & Adjuvants.

    • Produced in Compliance with GMP & international standards.

    • 5 Ltr. Canister.

    • Bio-degradable.

    • Keep container tightly sealed in an upright position at room temperature.

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